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I could write down something about my hobbies, playing darts in a club, biking a bit,, even fishing sometimes, but I would rather talk about my other passion which was born with my first numeric camera, a Minolta Z1  beginning of 2000's,

At that time, I was attracted by catching an expression or a smile while taking pictures of my family and friends. In other words, those kind of pictures with no material value but priceless in our hearts.

In 2009, came the birth of my goddaughter Camille, best "bouille" ever!

She became my first muse, followed by her sister and her cousin a few years later.

While I looked at Camille, Maelys and Louise growing up, i kept a close eye on other works and I discovered several great photographers, but one caught my attention during a WPPI presentation where he talked about his mentor Rocky Gunn, a great wedding photographer in the 80's and who unfortunately passed away way too soon.

Im talking about Gary Fong who ended that show by saying :

 "As a photographer, you know what you can do? You can bring back a day, for people who are no longer there, do you see what I'm saying? You guys can do that, that's your call as a professional photographer, you have the skills to do something like that... You can treasure every moment, even after we are all gone, that's what you can do as a professional photographer"

I still can't find better words to describe what I think about Photography...



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